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Recognize ...

Be humble as you progress

Once we start making progress in our meditation, all kinds of improvements begin in our lives. We become intuitive, have better health, but there is also the possibility of pride entering into us. Be aware of this. If pride enters, then the song stops. Through our meditation, we become aligned with many beneficial energies, but once pride enters, this alignment is lost. We must live with an awareness of what is happening within us. True humility is the sign of true progress. 

Why meditate?

Start Mindfulness with Simple Actions

Start mindfulness in daily life with simple actions like eating and walking. Though these are small actions but very effective to start mindfulness. Other activities like painting and dancing are complex to be worked on later. Meditate to enhance your mindfulness.                                                              Keep Meditating     

What has he got, If not himself

    Do you know yourself? Knowing oneself probably the most difficult task. Meditate to know yourself.                                                           keep Meditating

Merry Christmas 2019

  Meditation and prayers help us to renew ourselves. As we strive daily to become a better person, we realise that it is possible to renew ourselves. Meditate to achieve it.                                                          Keep Meditating

Conscious Breathing is my Anchor

 Do thoughts disturb you when you start meditating? Mostly Yes. Everybody can relate to thoughts popping up during a meditation session. At times the mind is very restless. Thoughts may be mind-boggling in number and range. Sometimes even tears may flow during meditation. These distracting thoughts do not allow us to live fully in the present moment. But it is natural. The mind is always active. To rise above these thoughts, we can follow Thich Nhat Hanh teachings. He says, "feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. conscious breathing is my anchor".  Observe your breath at the turning point. Let the thoughts and emotions fly away.                                                              Keep Meditating

Meditation is a path to self-acceptance

Meditation is Stopping of all Experiences

 Bliss, Divinity, Love, Oneness, Peace, and self. Everything together.                                       Keep Meditating

keep on keeping on ...

Sneak Into Your Breath

Grow on your own qualities ...

The truths we find in meditation ...

Mind is the Most Powerful tool we Possess

' Everything is in our minds' . The mind is a powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us. A captain with a less mature team is able to win a match. A battle is seen to be won with old weapons. A solitary mountaineer is able to climb Mt Everest. Its all because he has made up his mind. Day in and day out he is working on it. The mind is the most dynamic organ we possess. Meditate to make it a powerful tool to become successful.                                                         Keep Meditating

Spiritual Champion

 A Meditator who can magnify positivity and minimise negativity is a spiritual champion.                                                             Keep Meditating

Want to connect with your soul?

Life become a present when we practice living in the moment ...

Let there be a moment of Meditation before every meditation

Meditation evaporates the ego

Deeper Meditation Protects us from Wrong Words or Wrong Deeds of Other

 'No one kicks a sleeping dog.' Only those who take action or do something for society, they may face criticism. Sometimes words and deeds may be very hurting.  Does this mean we should stop working for a good cause? But we often observe that working for a good cause is the nature of the individual. Then how do we retain peace of mind? If we continue with deep meditation, we will learn to choose, not to get hurt. Which will help us in retaining our peace of mind.                                                  Keep Meditating

It is okay if meditation is ordinary

The practice will improve your day overall and in the long term - your life. If a session was hard, it does not mean it was less valuable than a session that was ecstatic or divine.  

One thing at a time ...

"After one has attained to samadhi, one has to attain to compassion" - Osho

                               Picture source:   In the Yoga Sutras narrated by osho is the story of a monk named Tamino. Tamino has earned great merit through his effort (I assume at meditation) but has withdrawn from the world. One day, he realizes that being present with those around him, he could have averted a tragedy from happening. Feeling very sad, he goes and sits next to a stone statue of Buddha. Looking into the eyes of the Buddha statue, he says,  ”Lord Buddha, was your gospel true?” And the image answered back, ”True and false.” ”What was true in it?” asked Tamino. ”Compassion and love.” ”And what was false in it?” ”Flight from life, escape.” ”Must I go back to life?” But the light had faded from the face and it turned to stone again. And here Osho explains that compassion rises after samadhi (perfect meditation). 

To Understand the Immeasurable

Mindfulness can be a way to reduce human suffering

When we are in the moment and doing the best we can in the moment, regrets of the past and the anxieties of the future are not with us. This reduces our suffering ... one moment at a time. 

So connect with yourself daily ...

Connect with the real you :) ...

Return again to this moment

 We generally see that all sportspersons, when they start preparing or participate in their event. They have a prize in their minds, which may be winning medals, or cash incentives or some other fascinating prizes. These prizes act as incentives. Now, what would happen, when an athlete is on the track and is thinking about these incentives? These thoughts may hamper his performance. To achieve his goals one has to be totally focused to the moment. If the mind wavers, return to the moment again. meditate to train your mind to be in the present moment.                                                  Keep Meditating

Let your practice bloom ... one session at a time

Meditation is about listening to the inner voice ...