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"After one has attained to samadhi, one has to attain to compassion" - Osho

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In the Yoga Sutras narrated by osho is the story of a monk named Tamino. Tamino has earned great merit through his effort (I assume at meditation) but has withdrawn from the world. One day, he realizes that being present with those around him, he could have averted a tragedy from happening. Feeling very sad, he goes and sits next to a stone statue of Buddha. Looking into the eyes of the Buddha statue, he says, 
”Lord Buddha, was your gospel true?”
And the image answered back, ”True and false.”
”What was true in it?” asked Tamino.
”Compassion and love.”
”And what was false in it?”
”Flight from life, escape.”
”Must I go back to life?”
But the light had faded from the face and it turned to stone again.

And here Osho explains that compassion rises after samadhi (perfect meditation). 

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