In Be A Meditator beameditator medi-buddies

Thank you Medi-Buddies

The practice of breath awareness any time of the day 

Makes us scowl less, feeling joyful and gay.

We can choose any comfortable pose

Observing our in-breath and out-breath 
As it passes through the tunnel-like pathways in our pyramid shaped nose
Rubbing our palms together, we place them gently on our eyes
Coming back to the NOW moment, feeling fresh and energized
Meditate as much as your current age
Perched on a mat, in a clean and quiet space
You can choose any given time of the day
To spend some time alone with your breath, 
Keeping your fuzzy thoughts at bay
Practicing it daily through sunshine or rain
Will give you the much-needed zest 
To live life to the fullest time and again.

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