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Meditate to strengthen positivity and let the weakness to wither

 Sometimes we hear remarks like " My life is my life, I can think whatever I want." Yes, everyone is free to think about whatever he/she wants. Then my question is why the same boss reacts differently with different people? What makes them different? I suppose it is the thought process going on in everyone's mind.
 We generally talk about two types of thoughts. Positive thoughts and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts and emotions can distort our perspective and damage self-esteem. Whereas positive thoughts make us think that we can get through anything. Positivity symbolizes joy, interest, contentment, and love. Joy- sparks the urge to play. Interest sparks the urge to integrate, love sparks safe and close relationship. Then what do we do? Meditate to fill your heart with positivity.
                                                  keep Meditating

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