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Be A Meditator- Meditation is when we continue to expose ourselves to ourselves.


 Often people ask, is meditation just observing our breath? There are many types of meditations, but the underlying fact in each one of them is self-realisation, or knowing ourselves. " Knowing yourself! how do I do that?" One unique way is to go to the mirror and start describing ourselves. Are the descriptions positive or negative? These positive or negative thoughts define how we see ourselves. Knowing ourselves is an essential step in achieving happiness and peace. To learn about our true selves, and identify our qualities, a daily reflection can help us cultivate a deeper understanding of our identity.                                   Every individual is divine and strong in his real nature. What weakens us is our habits, desires, and thoughts but not ourselves. Self-realisation is only the removal of all camouflage. Regular meditation and reflection of ourselves will remove all camouflage, and the real self will appear and start shining.                                                                                  Keep Meditating

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