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Be A Meditator- Meditate to switch off from planning to present moment

 There might have been moments when you were totally flooded with the thoughts of the project you were planning. You were so engrossed that you might have even missed a meal or did not notice things around you. It does happen, the time spent dwelling on the project will surely continue in your present moment and the future. But if you are thinking about something else, then it is difficult to live and enjoy the present moment. Living in the present moment means letting go off the past. living your life consciously, aware of each moment. Awareness can be strengthened with the help of meditation. Meditate to switch from moment to moment, like planning for the required time and then returning to the present moment.                                                                               Keep Meditating


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Be A Meditator-Magic is waiting to happen

    Magic is when something unexpected happens. sometimes we get stuck in a situation, where all ends appear to be closed. But if we trust our intuition or listen to our inner voice. suddenly all problems become solutions. Regular meditation can make our senses sharper.                                                                                                                                              Keep Meditating

Meditation Can Become Medication

Well ... there are many indications that meditation (over long periods of time) provides many benefits, both physical as well as emotional and spiritual. Though we would like to claim that it is the answer to all problems. But It depends a lot on the practitioner, how long they have meditated, how deep they go into their practice, what are the other conditions that affect them. The best idea is - this is great for long term growth. The results become obvious over multiple years. Till then. Keep Meditating

The Goal of all Mindful Activities is to prepare the mind for Meditation

Mindful activities may be used to bring the mind into a meditative state. In fact, the core goal of all healing and mindful activities is to prepare the mind for meditation. Keep Meditating