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Be A meditator- Mountains are like Shiva In the state of deep Meditation

      We have heard a story of Samundra Manthan ( charming of the sea) in which Amrit (nectar) and vish ( poison) were generated. If the formation of vish was not contained then it would have destroyed everything around it. However, no one wanted to drink vish. Only Shiv courageous of all drank the vish, but he never let the vish go down his neck ( like today's coronavirus which we should not let go down below our neck). But by drinking vish a lot of heat was generated in Shiv's body. That is why a lot of water and milk is poured on Shiv's head. For the healing purpose, he used natural herbs like belpatra, dhatura, caster, and bhang. On Mahashivratri we remind ourselves of the medicinal use of herbs and meditation. Meditation heals us mentally. Shiv would go into deep meditation. Meditate like Shiv.                                                                               Keep Meditating                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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