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Meditation Right here and now

 There are many of us who want to meditate. But they say, there is no time, there is too much disturbance, and I am not in the right frame of mind to meditate. Is it possible to meditate with so many activities going around us? Maybe yes.
 We can find a place for ourselves within the house, where we can spend some time with ourselves. Something like, behind the door, in the sitting room, dining room facing away from everything else.
we can meditate out of the house too, in a marketplace, or in the office during the tea or lunch break. It sounds too optimistic, but it is possible. Just close your eyes anywhere, and the surroundings will disappear. Observe your breath. You would find the agitation in your mind and body settling down.
          The art of Meditation is to cultivate Meditation right here and now

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