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Be A Meditator-Sow seeds of meditation

  I remember, way back in the seventies, sometimes during rains, we got slightly brown colour water from the tap. Those days there were no water purifiers or RO in use. Mostly people boiled water and left it overnight for the mud to settle down. Then one day someone told me, that if I stir alum four or five times after boiling the water, the mud will settle down faster. It did happen when I tried it. Today when I look back and think about that incident. Our minds also get filled up with various thoughts, worrying about the future, still clinging to past experiences, or when we are agitated our minds get muddy. If we sow the seeds of meditation, it will act like an alum. Our minds will get clear faster. Make it a habit to practice meditation regularly.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Keep Meditating

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