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Meditate to transcend Temporary Disappointments and Triumphs

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes we are winning, reaching the heights of success. At that juncture, some of us start thinking that we are invincible. however, another time we are not able to meet our targets. That's when some of us start getting disappointed and go into depression.                                                    
 These triumphs and disappointments are temporary and external. If you have not won a medal this year, you may get it next year. Thus disappointment is temporary. So is the case with triumphs. But in the inner world, victory is doing our best. It is learning something new. It tests and develops our qualities such as patience, understanding, and perseverance. If our focus shifts to our inner qualities, then there is no defeat and no disappointment. Our attachment to external results leads to disappointments. But when we are well established in developing our qualities, we recognize that as perseverance improves, even the physical results will come one day.                                 
          Meditate regularly to transcend temporary outcomes.            
                                     Keep Meditating                                                      


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