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Be A Meditator- When it seems as though our thoughts are not dissipating

Your becoming aware is actually doing the work. Think of a thought as firewood and awareness as fire. The firewood has a certain amount of strength in it. It has a burning capacity. It will burn out sooner or later. You just have to keep the fire burning, as in be aware, just as you have demonstrated your intention to be aware.

If the fire is strong, the wood will burn faster, if the wood is dry, the wood will burn faster. Here fire being strong is a metaphor for your awareness. Similarly, if the thought is light or does not contain an emotional charge or trauma, it burns away faster, but if a thought has weight or is emotionally charged or related to some repeated trauma, it will hold on for longer. You may not be able to overcome it in one session or even in multiple sessions. This does not mean that the fire is not burning or that the wood is not burning away. It is just a different kind of wood than you expected it to be.
When you start to question why the thought has not yet gone. It is like a guest making his way out of the door, and if you ask them ... Do you have something on your mind, they turn around and discuss it for another hour. It is better to Focus on your awareness. Allow the thought time to dissipate. Be humble about what you can expect in 5 months. It is Okay if you have not yet experienced silence. You are making progress and practising regularly and that is what matters.
                                                  Keep Meditating

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