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Our mission

We have a simple mission - "Help meditators Meditate." The inspiration came from our beloved teacher Dr. Newton Kondaveti, here is his message for the first issue of BAM. 

My Dear Friends,
Welcome to this first edition of ‘Be A Meditator’ magazine. I am delighted to share my joy with you as we dedicate through this magazine, a wonderful gift to humanity – the gift of Meditation.
Meditation is a beautiful gift that can transform the life of any person who practices it. The practice of Meditation leads to Self Realisation, which is the realization of the self as a divine being.  This realization becomes possible through Meditation, and the continuous expansion of Self Knowledge eventually leads to Self Mastery.
“Know thyself”, is an ancient aphorism. As we gain more and more self-experiences through the practice of Meditation, we get direct access to the wisdom of the soul. Wisdom of the soul is synonymous with Self Knowledge. The lack of Self Knowledge is ignorance, and ignorance leads to misery and tragedy in our lives.
This magazine is birthed into existence to dispel ignorance and awaken the wisdom of the soul. Its main objective is to share the right information about the science of Meditation and to dispel all the myths and misconceptions surrounding it.
The benefits of Meditation are many. Here are some of the most important benefits that we can easily relate to:
·      Self-healing capacity increases
·      Memory-power increases
·      Wasteful habits die a natural death
·      Mind stays in a peaceful and joyful state
·      Work gets done with greater efficiency
·      Sleep-time requirements get reduced
·      Relationships become more qualitative
·      Will-power increases tremendously
·      Ability to discern right / wrong gets sharpened
·      Purpose of life is thoroughly understood
All these are the fruits of the practice of Meditation. To put it simply, Meditation is synonymous with LIFE. As we add depth to our lives with the practice of Meditation, the quality of the life improves by leaps and bounds. The biggest need of humanity is the need to improve the quality of life. It is therefore the most urgent need of the hour on the Earth planet to teach everyone the Science of Meditation. Mediation is universal. It makes no distinctions like religion, race, ethnicity, caste, creed, sex, nationality etc. It offers the greatest potential to unify all the divided sects of humanity.
The goal of ‘Be A Meditator’ magazine is to ensure that every individual in the world becomes a meditator.
Let us celebrate the birth of the first edition of Be A Meditator.
Congratulations to the team and all meditators!
Hail unto BAM!
Hail unto Meditation!
Hail unto all Meditators!
Love and Light,
Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D.
Founder and Chairman
Life University


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