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Be A Meditator - Team

This is us, the team behind Be A Meditator :). Please read on to get to know more about us.

Saurabh Madan - Editor
Saurabh has been a seeker for many years.  Trained as a computer engineer with Stints at Microsoft Corporation, he started his spiritual journey when he met his mentor Jayashree Ashok and through her Dr. Newton Kondaveti. In one meeting at Mt. Shasta, Dr. Newton suggested this form of seeking, to take up the creation of a magazine on meditation called 'Be a Meditator' and to set up an organization for Ambassadors from all the countries of the world called 'Life Ambassadors'.

From that day, his journey had turned from seeking to doing. His meditation teacher is Vatsala Bodani. Who invited him to be honest and take meditation beyond my daily practice and to live it in fully in day-to-day life.

"As I continue my journey, it is my hope that I can live more of the words I have spoken, in particular, that I will - be a meditator."

Geeti Bhojnagarwala 
Geeti is the driving force behind 'Be a Meditator'. She brought momentum into our work and much-needed structure and discipline in the team. She also started a series called Medi-Buddies that is dedicated to children. Medi-Buddies came as an unexpected blessing to our team. Geeti did not know she is such a talented artist. Geeti is a very talented and valuable member of our team.

She has trained with Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Lakshmi G. V. since 2007. She has trained in Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork and Family Constellation among other things. She is a member of the editorial team of 'Eternal Lifetimes Magazine' and a workshop trainer with the Life Research Academy and the Proposed Quantum Life University.

Neera Madan 

Neera Madan has been a school teacher with over 30 years of experience. She taught science for twelve years and maths for eighteen years. Art was in her blood and one of her uncles was a great painter. She started painting to decorate her house with the encouragement of her husband Col Jagdish Madan. When she first created an infographic was 'Be a Meditator',  she discovered a talent for art. We were all completely enamored with her art. She is dedicated to helping people meditate better and hopes to continue drawing until the last day of her life.


  1. you people are real energy booster . your present help us to visualize our spiritual journey .
    Thank you so much


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