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Meditation Sees Us Through all the tests

 Some people nurture a feeling of disappointment because their capacity to help others remains unused. "I have so much strength, that I can move a lorry, ( I know I don't have to move a lorry).   However, why isn't anyone asking for my help"? or, " I am a sincere and dedicated worker, this is my truth". But why is it not being recognized by others?
 I may have created a reservoir of water over many years, but if I don't let it flow. It will overflow and spill and all the effort will go waste. In the same way, all knowledge we accumulated has to pass through a test.
Our Truth, Belief, Strength, and Knowledge, must pass through many tough tests. ( aag ke Dariya se ho ker guzarna parta Hai), before it can be acknowledged. Then what do we do to deal with this disappointment? Yes, one way is meditation.
                       Meditation sees us through all these tests.                                                                                                                                                      Keep meditating.

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