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Be Aware, even of thoughts about meditation

There is a story from the Ramayan about how Ravan approached Sita. She was protected by a sacred circle drawn by Lakshman. No one could enter the circle. If they tried, they would be burned.

When Ravan approached, he took on the appearance of a Maharishi, a god man. He regaled her about her duties towards holy men, and soon Sita, thinking it was the right thing to do, stepped out of the circle to serve the (fake) sage. No sooner was she out, he took her away in his flying machine.

This story is code for something that happens in our minds, during meditation. We fall for the 'meditational instructions' . We feel that thinking about meditation is Okay. But this is not so, it is also a thought, like any other thought. We have to be able to see through it and return to the breath, then the mind becomes silent.

This post is inspired by a thread on reddit. Credits to Grumpitz from Reddit. 

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