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Watch your feelings as though they are waves created by passing boat


  We all have observed that our feelings like sadness, anger, excitement or loneliness directly affect our daily life. Some days when we get up in the morning we feel low and aimless, another day when we have a goal we feel excited about it. For example when someone has remarked, " that you are not good enough" we feel low, but another day when we get a positive remark we are happy. Can someone's remark affect us? Can an external factor generate a feeling that can snatch our natural self? Yes for quite a few of us. Watch your feelings as though they are the waves created by passing by boat. How to achieve this state? Meditation is one way to help us learn to be more aware and accepting of our emotions. Dealing effectively with emotions is a key leadership skill."                                                                                                                                                             Keep Meditating

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