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Be A Meditator- To dissolve your anger count your breath 1-10

One day a child comes home with a black eye from a fight at school. When his mom asks if he counted to 10 before fighting, he says "Yes, but the other kid's mom asked him to count to 5."

But this technique works. It works because consciousness heals. When we bring consciousness to action, we start acting in our own interest. If we are conscious while driving, we tend to drive safely. If we are conscious of our calculations, we score better marks in Math. If we are conscious during interpersonal interactions, we are better at detecting whether we are successfully interacting with the other person. 

When people told us to count to 10, they knew that the gaps between the counts contained consciousness. Be conscious.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Keep Meditating 

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