Alive: A one year conscious breathing program

Be a Meditator 1 year course on meditation

For questions: Geeti +919830226429 or Saurabh +919945131095.

This program consists of the following:
1. 4, 40-day programs.
2. WhatsApp Q&A sessions with Saurabh or Geeti to clear your doubts about Meditation
3. Starter Kit that consists of:
     a. Medi-Buddies Meditation book.
     b. A Pdf book on Meditational experiences.
     c. Videos to help beginners start meditation.
     d. Articles on Meditation.
     e. Mp3 Guided meditations

4. 4 40-day modules consisting of 2 meditation sessions a day at 6:00 am and 10:00 pm.